Stöd och matchning på engelska

AlphaCE offers a large corporate network. We have purposefully created good employer contacts and have good  results in our matchingprocess. With us you will meet experienced and knowledgeable employees who actively work for you to reach your goals – to find employment on the labour market.

Each week we help about 40 people to new employment and about 80 people start an internship. We are committed and focused. Our mission is to help you to find your way to employment. We do this by:

Giving you help and support to find the hidden jobs. As much as 8 of 10 vacant
jobs are not visible. Therefore, we work actively to constantly find employers with recruitment needs thereafter we match our students with the employer’s needs.

We have a large database containing a list of contacts with employers with recruitment needs. We work both locally as well as nationally with employers, which gives our students the opportunity to partake in  study visits, internships, apprenticeship or employment.

We help you to pinpoint your positive characteristics, your skills and interests so that you can write the best possible resume and cover letter.

Together we prepare you for your meeting with employers and make sure that you are ready for your job interview.

With planning we help you own the processes of searching for work and the defining of employment goals.

We can be found in more than 50 locations and in each town we have between 300 and 700 work related contacts. We have professional study guidance counsellors. As well as Swedish many of our employeesspeak other languages, for example Arabic, English, Persian, French and more.

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